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Come, Stay, Play in Golden Bay
Outdoor activities, national Parks, golden Beaches and colourful people

New Zealand is known for its ethereal natural beauty and pleasant weather. These coupled with the vibrant people and culture of this place makes it an ideal vacation destination. For nature lovers, this country will never be a disappointment, especially the walks and activities in and around Golden Bay. It is always convenient to commute across the length and breadth of this country at your own pace, with maximum comfort..

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Where is it? At the southeastern end of Golden Bay in the Tasman region, 57km from Motueka, two hours' drive from Nelson or, if you fancy flying in, there's a little aerodrome just outside town.

Twice the fun: Takaka is one of Golden Bay's two main towns, the other being Collingwood.

Population: 4500 people live year round in Golden Bay, swelling to 12,000 in summer).

Town slogan: Come, Stay, Play in Golden Bay.

Old news: After the arrival of the Europeans Takaka was a hive of industry, thanks to gold, flax, timber and coal - there's even marble found round here.

Capital idea: Collingwood (20 minutes' drive from Takaka) was once intended as New Zealand's capital.

Famous Golden Bay locals: Jack Bauer (cyclist), Todd Blackadder (All Black) Charlie Haskell (film director), Toni Hodgkinson (runner) and Rueben Northover (future All Black, mark my words).

Big business: Farming, fishing and tourism.

Sources of pride: The community spirit, the lively arts and crafts scene and the beaut landscape - Nature's done some of her finest work round here.

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The Pupu Springs

The Te Waikoropupu springs in Golden Bay are home to the clearest springwater in the world!

The "Pupu" springs, as they are affectionately known to the localsare home to the clearest spring water in the world (the only place with clearer water is the salt water Weddell Sea in Antarctica). Underwater clarity tests have shown the water from the springs to have underwater visibility of 63 metres!

An Image of the PUPU SPRINGS in Takaka

Pupu Springs

Golden Bay, New Zealand

Planning the perfect getaway for two in New Zealand? Maybe you want a romantic weekend away together, or you might even be looking for the right place for your honeymoon. If you want intimacy, beautiful surroundings, and a complete escape the Kiwi way, look no further than the top of the South Island in Golden Bay.

The Golden Bay is an exotic location at the Northwest edge of New Zealand. This shallow land juts out into the azure blue ocean and carves a picturesque vista. Avail a car rental service and hit the road for some of the most memorable experiences. Drive over to the Marble Mountain or Takaka Hill, and explore the Harwoods Hole and Ngarua Caves along the way. Further ahead, visit the breathtaking Te Waikoropupu Springs, also known as Pupu Springs, which is a sacred site of the local Maori indigenous people. Drive west towards the vast sandy beaches that are famous for its scallops. A little further ahead, you will meet with Farewell Spit, a long sand spit, located near Collingwood. The journey continues towards Wharariki Beach at Cape Farewell, where the landscape blends into stunning rock formations all along the beaches. Explore these exotic and scenic locales in the comfort of hired vehicle, and make the experience all the more enriching.

As well as being a region where you can find a fantastic wedding venue in New Zealand, Golden Bay offers a complete package for an intimate escape afterward. Read on for a few ideas on activities to enjoy and how to get the most out of your tour or holiday in Golden Bay.

Walking and tramping

The area gives you access to a number of tracks and trails where you can explore the natural beauty of Nelson for yourself. Find your own secluded beach along the coastline or see the ocean from the Abel Tasman Coast Track. If you love the outdoors, then you definitely will love tramping together during your stay.


Get out on the water and paddle your way around Abel Tasman National Park with Golden Bay Kayaks. They offer half day guided tours and freedom rentals for you to explore the waters on your own. See native bird and wildlife like the blue penguins and get close to nature while relaxing out at sea.

Wine tasting

The South Island is renowned for its award-winning wines. There are some wineries to visit in the region - most of which are also great places to enjoy a lunch together surrounded by fresh air and blue skies. Pay a visit to Golden Bay’s Limestone Bay Wines, Waimea Estate and Riwaka River Estate for a range of the flavors of the Nelson Region.

Caving Adventure

Take a guided tour of the Te Anaroa Caves and see ancient limestone formations deep underground. You can experience a unique, underground world deep below the earth in Rockville, Golden Bay. Walk back in time millions of years through the cave system with your guide at Te Anaroa Caves.

Make your honeymoon or weekend getaway special and memorable with a stay in the region - Golden Bay has everything you want with access to the luxurious accommodation in Nelson, beaches, forests, wineries and cute little cafes. Relax at quality New Zealand accommodation such as Zatori Retreat in Collingwood and enjoy the nature and beauty of this little-hidden gem in Golden Bay.

Golden Bay is a well-known destination, boasting the best of coastal life. Seen as New Zealand's most appealing and diverse holiday destination, the Golden Bay region offers breathtaking diverse arts and crafts, scenery, and fabulous beaches. At Golden Bay, there's always something for everyone.

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