Golden Bay

Come, Stay, Play in Golden Bay
Outdoor activities, national Parks, golden Beaches and colourful people

Imagine a region with endless variety, where golden beaches, alpine valleys and tranquil fishing rivers share a close proximity with the sea. Breathtaking scenery, arts and crafts, sporting activities. There’s something for everyone.

cape farewell horse treks

cape farewell horse treks on Wharariki Beach

Where is it? At the southeastern end of Golden Bay in the Tasman region, 57km from Motueka, two hours' drive from Nelson or, if you fancy flying in, there's a little aerodrome just outside town.

Twice the fun: Takaka is one of Golden Bay's two main towns, the other being Collingwood.

Population: 4500 people live year round in Golden Bay, swelling to 12,000 in summer).

Town slogan: Come, Stay, Play in Golden Bay.

Old news: After the arrival of the Europeans Takaka was a hive of industry, thanks to gold, flax, timber and coal - there's even marble found round here.

Capital idea: Collingwood (20 minutes' drive from Takaka) was once intended as New Zealand's capital.

Famous Golden Bay locals: Jack Bauer (cyclist), Todd Blackadder (All Black) Charlie Haskell (film director), Toni Hodgkinson (runner) and Rueben Northover (future All Black, mark my words).

Big business: Farming, fishing and tourism.

Sources of pride: The community spirit, the lively arts and crafts scene and the beaut landscape - Nature's done some of her finest work round here.

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Golden Bay from above

The Pupu Springs

The Te Waikoropupu springs in Golden Bay are home to the clearest springwater in the world!

pupu springs


The "Pupu" springs, as they are affectionately known to the localsare home to the clearest spring water in the world (the only place with clearer water is the salt water Weddell Sea in Antarctica). Underwater clarity tests have shown the water from the springs to have underwater visibility of 63 metres!

Golden Bay valley
Golden Bay


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