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An early start from Blenheim was followed by breakfast with the birds at Pelorus Bridge, a "chunder" break on the evil Takaka Hill, and a trip to Anatoki Salmon Farm.

I wanted the boy to witness his father's fishing prowess, so what better way to do it than in a small lake packed with 4000 hungry fish. Three short casts later, and I was hauling in the big one.

Twenty long minutes later, and we were gorging on our fresh hot smoked salmon. Golden Bay has its fair share of gems, and this salmon farm is surely one of them.

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Winter refinement

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No flooding or landslip this year. Just 5 days of solid intensive effort to make the salmon farm a little better. Check out all the improvements!

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2 local bands will perform on Saturday and Sunday around lunch time. There is a 15% discount on fishing and mulled wine for your enjoyment!   Mulled Wine1

Annual Mid Winter Weekend at Anatoki Salmon.

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where the salmon swim small

It's getting colder and apparently it's time for some poetry..

Many thanks to Will Cleaver from Resurgence Coffee. The coffee roast master from Motueka

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I hope everyone enjoyed the Food show this year. We had a great time serving you our salmon and like to thank you for visiting us at our stand. Especially for those salmon...

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Some Mothers stay home on Mother's Day, but real Moms go fishing with the whole family. Bring this coupon to the farm this Sunday the 11th of May and we will smoke...

"We'll smoke your catch for free" coupon

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Due to the flooding last Winter there won't be a harvest this year. We've already restocked the lake in February with good sized salmon around 1kg.

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