Salmon Products

All fresh Anatoki Salmon are harvested and dispatched within the same day, delivering a fresher, better quality salmon to your door.

As aquaculture farmers neighbouring the Kahurangi National Park, we are uniquely privileged in employing the resources of the pristine waters of the Anatoki River. This enables us to serve you with exceptionally high quality fresh water salmon. All salmon products are couriered on ice in chilled polystyrene bins. Overnight freight to anywhere in New Zealand!

Anatoki Salmon Quality

We are the most innovative and responsive salmon business in New Zealand. Our greatest success is customer service and satisfaction. We know our flexibility, reliability, and most importantly the quality of our product are the reason we achieve this.

Super Fresh!


sashimi While placing your order, the fish is still swimming. We believe that's a great advantage because you can't get it fresher anywhere else.

Fresh whole salmon

$22.00 per kg

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Fresh salmon Fillets

$28.00 per kg

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Fresh Salmon steaks

$24.50 per kg

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Hot smoked salmon

deliciously smoked with your favorite seasoning. Vacuum packed. $40.00 per kg

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Cold Smoked Salmon

Smoked on apple wood with a honey glaze. Vacuum packed. $55.00 per kg

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Anatoki Salmon Farm Voucher

$30.00 voucher free postage on this item! You will be charged $19.00 during checkout but this fee shall be returned.

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Salmon Croquettes

Crunchy gourmet croquettes. Frozen 10 in a box $20.00.

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