Events & Specials

During the year we sometimes have spontaneous deals. Become a face book friend at "salmon fishing at Anatoki Salmon" or apply for a club card and stay notified.

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Mid Winter Event

anatoki gb weekly mid winter 2014

Mother's Day

Some Mothers stay home on Mother's Day, but real Moms go fishing with the whole family. Bring this coupon to the farm this Sunday the 11th of May and we will smoke your freshly caught salmon for free!!

Mothers Day gb weekly 2014 anatoki

Orange King's Day 

Sunday 26 of April 2015

Wear something Orange and receive a discount on Salmon Fishing!
King’s Day is the biggest national event in the Netherlands celebrated annually on April 27. Everything and everyone turns orange and celebrates on this day. You will find music shows, fairs, flea markets and parties throughout the country.
It may not be a special date for Kiwis, but for the Dutch, this weekend is party time - time to don the 'orange' shirts, hats, shoes... and celebrate the King's birthday with us at Anatoki Salmon Farm. We will have special prices for fishing during this day and live music to entertain you while fishing and eating as well as different activities for children.

Harvest Special

March 2017
Quality Salmon at bargain prices. While stocks last. Female King Salmon have a natural life cycle of three years. At the end of the third year (April/May) the fish are in their spawning phase and all their energy is put into the salmon eggs. Before this, when the fish is still fresh and juicy, we empty the lake and offer 5kg bags at bargain prices.

Visitor information

Al you need to know to plan your visit to the salmon farm in Golden Bay.

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Eat your catch

Savour the fresh flavour of your catch with hot chips and salad!

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Salmon fishing

Catch your own fish. Free use of fishing gear and no experience needed.

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Packaging options

for the ride home and beyond.

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