Take away

We offer several packaging options for your fresh or smoked salmon for the ride home and beyond.

Besides the unforgettable experience of catching a salmon and the memorable feast afterwards, it’s just as important to preserve your fish the best possible way.

1. Basic packaging

Fresh (raw) salmon is presented in a plastic bag with ice. Hot smoked salmon is served in a pizza box with forks. Sashimi is handed back in a container with soy sauce, wasabi and chop sticks.

2. Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing maintains fish in a tight, tidy package useful for travelling or freezing. Whether hot smoked or fresh, your fish will be fine for at least three days in the fridge. Be aware hot smoked salmon must cool for 45 minutes before processing in this way.

3. Chilly Bin or Bag

Ideal for travellers.

4. Courier

Fresh or smoked, Anatoki Salmon can be deliverd throughout New Zealand. Ask our staff for options.

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