Local beers and wines

Visiting Anatoki is more than just fishing. It's a full experience for everyone, where you catch your own meal and have it on your plate within 30 minutes. To accompany your meal we selected the best local wines and beers for your enjoyment.

Mussel Inn Beer

logo mussel inn

The Mussel Inn is located in the heart of Golden Bay. It's a cafe, music venue and brewery where they produce awesome beers and ciders.

The ones we offer at Anatoki are:

Captain Cooker Manuka Beer - The Mussel Inn flagship - A red brown beer flavoured with the freshly picked tips of the Manuka tree. 5%

 Golden Goose Lager - A hoppy golden lager. No shell, no feathers, just pure gold. 5%

 Dark Horse Black Beer - Very dark and roasty – not too dry. A solid and dependable performer - pulls away strong at the finish. 5%

Apple Roughy Cider - dry organic apple cider. A great mix of Sturmers, Grannies and other random apples from around the hood. Rough 'n country as it should be! 4% (pressing 09). yes we know it's not a beer but Kiwi's seem to like it just as much!

Staeteland Wine


The vinyard is located in Marlborough on a relatively small area of land which has the most optimum wine growing conditions due to its unique microclimate. They produce wine for the top end of the market, which is the segment of exclusive and (super) premium wines.

The ones we offer are a great match with Anatoki Chinook freshwater Salmon.

Staete Landt Sauvignon Blanc - Perfumed with exotic fruit such as pawpaw, passionfruit and nectarines. This rich and voluptuous wine has attractive mineral characters and
European style elegance.

Staete Landt Chardonnay - With aromas of white peaches and lanolin the wine has a sophisticated palate of ripe stone summer fruit and hazelnuts. Full bodied yet elegant wine, with a dry crisp finish.

Staete Landt Pinot Gris - A lovely example of the varietal! It is full round and ripe in the mouth with quinces, guava and papaya aromas combined
with intriguing nutty complexity.

Staete Landt Pinot Noir - The attractive aromas show strawberries and ripe black cherries with violets and a lovely earthy complexity.


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