Smoked salmon

Curing Salmon with sugar and salt dates back many centuries. Mainly to preserve the fish longer but nowadays it's all about the flavour and texture.

Cold Smoked Salmon

Smoking our classic smoked salmon takes three days following a specific recipe from Ireland.

First we select the perfect salmon (about 900 grams) and after filleting, the fish will go into a sugar/salt solution overnight.

The following day, after wiping off the excess brine, the salmon is placed on metal racks in the smoker at 23 ˚C.

The third day we start smoking the fish at 37 ˚C above slowly smouldering apple wood shavings.
Finally, we honey glaze the fish just before we cool it down ready for pin boning and vacuum packing.

cold smoked salmon

Cold smoked salmon on a rack in the smoker

Hot Smoked Salmon

A different more straight foreward technique is used for our Hot Smoked Anatoki Salmon.

First we heat up the smoker for about half an hour till it reach 360 degrees. Where the cold smoked salmon was submerged in brine solution (wet cure), the fillets, ready for hot smoking, are dry cured with a mix of sugar and salt while a pinch of seasoning is added for some extra excitement.

Finally we toss a handful of Beechwood shavings (or manuka if you like the strong taste) into the middle of the hotsmoker before we carefully place the rack and close the lid for about 8 minutes.

When the fillets are cracked open and the protein is visible, then we know the salmon is cooked to perfection.


Hot smoked salmon (with basil & garlic topping) caught by a visitor ready to enjoy!

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