Feed the Eels

A unique experience

On the banks of the Anatoki River, you'll find a must-do experience in New Zealand!

On one side, at Anatoki Salmon, you can feel the thrill of catching your own salmon, and on the other side, at Anatoki Tame Eels, you can relax, feed the eels, and enjoy the café.    

"A great day out for young, old and in-between."

Experience the relationship between free wild creatures and humans, as you hand-feed them, just as Maggi McCallum first did over 100 years ago.

Open FRI - SAT - SUN - MON from 9am till 3pm

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Pancake Cafe

Enjoy a delicious sweet or savory pancake in our café or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Petting Zoo

Outdoor Fun

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Tame Eels

Hand-fed since 1914

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Freedom camping

Free camp area. Free of charge but self-contained campers only.

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