A Fishing Experience

We offer the very best hassle-free fishing in New Zealand!


How it Works

Experience the thrill of catching your own food.
Come find a magical spot on Lake Anatoki to cast your line and land your lunch. 

No experience required for this fishing activity and we provide you with the
use of our gear at no charge.

Watch salmon back-flip out of the water, listen as they splash on the surface,
keep your eye out for the big one, feel the thrill as the salmon teases your line with nibbles just before you reel it in and land it with delight.

Enjoy your freshly caught salmon prepared as you like it in our cafe or take it away with you


Ask for your
Fishing gear & find a spot on our lake


Catch your premium Chinook Salmon



Have your catch smoked or fresh


Enjoy the cafe while you wait


Visitor Information

Opening hours (Open 7 days Year Round) +

Open daily from 10AM - 4.30PM (last entry at 4PM)

Prices +

Salmon Fishing

  • Salmon per kg of catch: $27.00
  • (average fish size August-September 2019 1.5kg)
  • Fish cleaning service is included

Hot smoking your own catch served in a pizza box with forks to have on site or take away:

  • Your first fish: $10.00
  • Each one after: $3.50

Sashimi (own catch) finely sliced salmon served with wasabi, soy sauce and chopsticks:

  • One fillet: $6.00
  • Whole fish: $9.00

Salmon fishing and cafes 15% surcharge on all Public Holidays.

Getting to Anatoki & Parking +

  • Getting there from Motueka

The Anatoki Salmon Farm is easy to find. Follow road signs to Motueka, a town close to Nelson. From there it's only a 50 minute drive to Takaka.

1 km before entering Takaka, on state highway 60, you turn left onto "Long Plain Road" (see brown road sign). From there follow "Anatoki Salmon" signage for about 5.5km till you arrive at the farm. Parking is free.

Expected fish sizes per month on average +

Month - Expected Sizes

April: 900 grams

May: 900 grams

June: 900 - 1000 grams

July: 1100 grams

August: 1400 grams

September: 1500 grams

October: 1500 grams

November: 1600 grams

December: 1700 grams

January: 1000 - 1700 grams

February: 800 - 1800 grams

March: 1000 grams

Contact Anatoki +

Freephone: 0800 262 865 (between 10am - 4:30pm)

Phone: 03 525 7251 (between 10am - 4:30pm)

Address: 230 McCallum Road, Takaka, Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand

Free Wifi +

Connect with the world. Free Wifi at Anatoki salmon. Catch a salmon (a big one), take a picture and share it with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) +

Contact us anytime: or during work hours: 0800 262865

Do I have to make a reservation? No, you do not have to make a booking.

When are you open? Open 7 days year round from 10am. Go to the first heading on this page for the exact opening hours.

Where are you located? 230 McCallum Road, Takaka, Golden Bay South Island. Just follow the brown road signs and Anatoki Salmon sign posts.

How can I contact Anatoki Salmon? Call our free phone number: 0800 262 865 (work hours) or send an e-mail to

What does the fishing experience cost me? The entry, the use of fishing gear and the cleaning of the fish are free of charge. You only pay per kg of catch. Hot smoking and Sashimi is extra

What do we need to bring? Nothing except from sun screen, sandfly spray perhaps and warm outdoor clothing when chilly. The fishing equipment is provided. You are not allowed to use your own fishing rod (risk of didymo).

I have never fished before, is that ok? No experience is necessary. We'll explain how to use the gear, and with your own luck, you'll be guaranteed success.

I'm travelling. Is there a way to preserve my catch to eat later? There are several options available to preserve your catch such as: ice, vac packs and chilly bins.

How long does the fish keep for? Fresh fish in the fridge for 3-5 days and that's the same for smoked fish. Vacuum packing can extend the life of hot smoked fish.

Where may I read more about the Golden Bay? There is a lot to do and see in Golden Bay. Go to

Where can I buy Anatoki Salmon? If you're not able to visit Golden Bay you can buy it directly from our web shop.

I'm in a wheelchair can I still catch a salmon? Of course. There is disabled parking beside the cafe and the fishing lake is highly accessible.

Groups and Tours +

Everything is possible! Fishing, lunch, coffee or just have a look around.

Salmon Fishing - Click here

Lunch Menu - Click here

Please contact us for more information or book email

Overnight Parking (POP) +

Visitors with self-contained campervans are welcome to stay at our parking free of charge of course and no longer than two nights.


Eat your Catch

Just wait until we prepare your fish to perfection so you can eat it on the spot!
Choose from hot smoked cooked salmon, or eat it raw - Japanese style

Great Food matched with local Beer an Wine! Of course, you don't have to catch your own fish. Our menu offers a variety of mouth watering salmon delights that are sure to tempt you. We offer a selection of locally brewed beer and exceptional wines specially chosen to complement Anatoki Salmon.


Option 1 : Hot Smoke

Your salmon will never taste better than the moment it comes out of the smoker. Your fish is perfectly cooked with that melt-in-your-mouth sensation only hot smoking can provide. The texture is firmer and flakier than cold-smoked fish, yet more moist than grilled fish.

Have natural wood smoke flavour or
choose from one of our seasoning options.


Option 2 : Sashimi

Sashimi is thinly sliced salmon eaten raw. Considered one of the finest dishes in Japanese cuisine, it is often served at the beginning of a meal before other strong flavours are offered.

Accompanied by soy sauce + wasabi, and eating with chopsticks sashimi provides an excellent opportunity to savour the natural freshness of Anatoki Salmon.



Great Food

matched with local Beer and Wine

Of course, you don't have to catch your own fish. Our menu offers a variety of mouth watering salmon delights that are sure to tempt you. We offer a selection of locally brewed beer and exceptional wines specially chosen to complement Anatoki Salmon.



Salmon Cafe

A delicious source of Omega 3, with a great range of lovely salmon dishes


Lunch menu



A variety of our most delicious salmon dishes on a platter for one, two or three.


topped with red onions, capers, dried tomato, Mozzarella and hot smoked salmon.


Hot smoked salmon chowder served with ciabatta bread.

HOT CHIPS / FRIES - from $ 6.00
Crunchy chips served in a special way. 

crunchy salmon, chicken nuggets or veggie bites.





Take away

We offer several packaging options for your fresh or smoked salmon for the ride home and beyond.

Besides the unforgettable experience of catching a salmon and the memorable feast afterwards, it’s just as important to preserve your fish the best possible way.

1. Basic packaging

Fresh (raw) salmon is presented in a plastic bag with ice. Hot smoked salmon is served on a plate to eat in the cafe or in a pizza box for take away. Sashimi is served in a bowl with soy sauce, wasabi and chop sticks or in a container for take away.

2. Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing maintains fish in a tight, tidy package useful for travelling or freezing. Whether hot smoked or fresh, your fish will be fine for at least three days in the fridge. Be aware hot smoked salmon must cool for 45 minutes before processing in this way.

3. Chilly Bin or Bag

Ideal for travellers.

4. Courier

Fresh or smoked, Anatoki Salmon can be deliverd throughout New Zealand. Ask our staff for options.