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terms and conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions - By purchasing products through this website you are entering into a sales transaction with Anatoki Salmon and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Anatoki Salmon reserves the right to make changes, updates and or modifications to any content on this site, with or without notice and at any time.

Anatoki Salmon continually strives to supply accurate and timely information on this site, however unintentional errors and omissions may happen. Anatoki Salmon does not accept any liability whether direct or indirect, for any loss or damage which may result either directly or indirectly from any advice, information, representation, omission and or opinions contained on this site.
You the ‘user’ are solely responsible for any actions you take in reliance on the content from this site. You also understand and agree that in no way can you modify, change or delete any content on this website.

Amendments of Terms & Conditions
Anatoki Salmon may make changes at any time to these Terms and Conditions by posting amended and or replacement terms and conditions on this website. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you are familiar with the latest version of these terms and conditions and agree to that by using this website any changes and or amendments are effective immediately upon posting on this website. Providing Information

When purchasing any products through this website or registering an account with Anatoki Salmon you will be asked to provide specific personal and or private information. You agree to provide Anatoki Salmon with your personal information using your full legal name and current details and not use any false identities or personas in any way.
You also agree that all information that you do provide is true, up to date and accurate at the time it is given and in all respects.

At the time of publishing all prices listed on anatokisalmon.co.nz are correct. Prices for each product listing can and will fluctuate and are quoted based on real time conversion day rates using New Zealand Dollars (NZD) as the base currency.
Anatoki Salmon also reserves the right to change, modify and or alter prices of products listed at any time and for any reason.


Buyer obligations
By placing an order and entering into a sales transaction with Anatoki Salmon you are consenting that you have the legal right to do so. You are not able to cancel or retract from the sale transaction after you placed the order. This because we can’t bring the fish back to life and use it for another purpose.

Payment options

PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: PayPal Balance, bank account, credit card, PayPal Credit, and debit card. You should review the Paypal 'terms and conditions’ to understand how you can select a payment method and how protection differs depending on your payment method.

We will refund the price, which you have paid for a product, if we make a mistake, for example:
    1.    we mistakenly send you the wrong product;
    2.    after receiving the smoked or fresh salmon, the ice is completely melted and the product’s temperature is above 4 degrees celsius. Make sure you are at home when the courier delivers the fish otherwise it’s your own responsibility and no refund will be made.